Anonymous asked:

When do you plan on trying to get the game out for the public?

Hi there anon, you asked us this awhile ago, so sorry for not getting an answer until now. Honestly we don’t know. Mugwomp is a HUGE project for us and we are all in college with only a little bit of money. In the mean time we plan to create a small game or two to get our name our there and maybe build some revenue.

If you really want to help us out please share our page with your friends and keep an eye out for games we make to help support us.

And a big thanks to everyone who has already done this!

Thank you everyone that made it out to Imagine RIT! It was a huge success and we enjoyed talking to everyone! Special thank you to Zak’s Mom and Dad for helping us setup the booth and lending us a computer for the demo! Without your help we would’ve been so disorganized. And thank you to all of our parents because without your support we wouldn’t have gotten this far.

Mugwomp Monster Scanner

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get a downloadable version of Mugwomp done in time for Imagine RIT because of time constraints and finals approaching. We did, however, come up with a fun game for you guys to play (it includes some free swag)!


Introducing, the Mugwomp Monster Scanner! We’re going to be hanging posters up all over RIT campus for Imagine RIT tomorrow. Each poster is themed after a monster and has a QR Code. If you have an Android device then you can download the app from the Play store.

Using the built in scanner you scan the QR Codes on each poster and collect all 8 monsters. After you find a monster you can read about its abilities, see cool photos, and learn a bit about its personality. 

And for all of you that really wanted to play Mugwomp, DON’T FRET! You can still play the game you just have to come visit our booth in the Gordon Field House! You’ll get a prize for each monster you have when you visit!